List of templates

Wireframe, sample page and mobile version of the home page

The website also offers a series of templates designed to allow a small to medium sized museum the ability to present all of their information in an effective and engaging way.

They include all of the following (more details here).

Website templates

These templates can be used across the website.

  • Home page. The home page is highly visual to lead your visitors to you and your content
  • Section index. Each section’s index page may also be very visual, with images and links - or alternatively you may choose a Standard Page.
  • Standard page. There is nothing standard about the standard page: you may have several text styles, headings, images and more.
  • News. List of news, displayed in reverse chronological order. Each article can have images, documents and links.
  • Contact. Contact form for your visitors to send you messages, simple and secure - spam free.

Collection templates

The templates to be used in the collection section. Please remember you may use the Section Index template to create compelling section introductions.

  • Browse the collection. Simple, paginated way to browse the collection visually. Possibility to filter by type of object.
  • Search the collection. Simple search across all object information. More advanced search options are available as add ons.
  • Artists. A-Z list of artists, with list of works. Selecting an artist will bring up biography and works.
  • Themes. Themes are a simple way of creating narrative paths, grouping objects together with contextual information. Can be used for highlights, floor plans, educational activities and more.

What’s On templates

What’s On has a special section index page, At a glance, which displays current and upcoming  exhibitions and events. The other templates that are available are:

  • Exhibitions. List of current and upcoming exhibitions, and possibility to browse past ones. Exhibitions can be separated into major and minor.
  • Events. Events can be browsed by date and date range and filtered by type.

More details here